Women's College, Calcutta

P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue,
Kolkata - 700003

Department of History

Women’s College, Calcutta was established in 1937. At first the Dept. of History had History only as a Pass subject. Hons. was introduced in 1984. At that time the Dept. had four full time teachers. The examination system for the three years Hons. Course had two parts – Part-I and Part-II. At present the History Dept. has four full time teachers – Smt. Narayani Banerjee (Head of the Dept.), Dr. Madhumita Das , Smt. Sushmita Mitra and Smt. Sanjukta Sardar Naskar. The students strength of the Dept. has now increased considerable. The pattern of exam has also changed to Part-I , Part-II & Part -III. For the benefit of the students along with teaching the Dept. organizes Student Seminars , Workshops, Projects, Excursion and Inter Dept. Exchange Lectures. This leads to the all round development of the students. For the academically weaker students regular remedial classes are also organized. Many of our students are doing higher studies. Some of them are also well placed in their respective fields.


Sl. No Name Designation
1. Smt. Narayani Banerjee Associate Professor
2. Dr Madhumita Das Associate Professor
3. Smt. Susmita Mitra Associate Professor
4. Smt. Sanjukta Sardar Naskar Assistant Professor