Women's College, Calcutta

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Philosophy Departments

About the Departments

The teaching of the subject Philosophy began in this college in its early days. However the department of Philosophy got affiliation in both Hons. and General in 1969 – 70.The founder of Women’s College, Calcutta Late D.L.Dey himself was fond of this subject. He himself did his Ph.D in Philosophy from London. The first head of the department was Prof. Sourindramohan Bhattacharyya . At present the department has four full time teachers - Smt. Swati Sengupta (Head of the dept.), Dr. Satakshi Sinha Roy , Smt. Baisakhi Das Saha , Smt. Tanushree Das.The department share a warn and impartial relation with the students who are generally sincere and hardworking. Many of the students have made the department proud in their commendable achievements in various fields of life, be it academic or co-curricular.



Sl. No Name Designation
1. Smt. Swati Sengupta Associate Professor
2. Dr. Satakshi Sinha Roy Assistant Professor
3. Smt. Baisakhi Das Saha Assistant Professor
4. Smt. Tanusree Das Assistant Professor