Women's College, Calcutta

Welcome to Our Site, Women's College, Kolkata, NAAC ACCREDITED B++ COLLEGE,
Women's College, Calcutta is a recognised Study Centre of Vidyasagar University, Directorate of Distance Education. Students from this college and other colleges have enrolled in post graduate classes of different departments. Inhouse and external teachers take classes regularly under Personal Contact Programme (PCP)
Students may take admission to the following Courses in this Study Centre :
Sl Name of the Course Duration
1. M.A. in Bengali, English, Sanskrit, History, Pol. Sc. 2 Years
2. M. A. / M. Sc. in Geography
Food & Nutrition (Affiliation expected)
Environmental Science
2 Years
3. M.Com 2 Years
4. M. Sc in Nutrition (DCNM) 2 Years
srijan, womens college, kolkata   srijan, womens college, kolkata


Followings are the eligibility criteria for admission to the various Distance Learning courses of the Directorate of Distance Education -

Sl Courses Eligibility
1. M.Com. / M.A. in Bengali, English, History, Pol. Sc. and Sanskrit Hons. / Spl. Hons. /Three-year General Graduate/Three-year Pass Graduate with minimum 300 marks in the subject concerned/ One-year Bridge Course in relevant subject I M. A. in a subject (other than professional subjects) is eligible for admission into M. A. in any other subjects.
2. M.A./ M.Sc. in Geography Hons. /Spl. Hons. / Major in relevant Subject.
1. Students will be provided with study materials in full or in part in the form of modules, prepared paper-wise on the topics of prescribed syllabus of the course. Modules will be delivered to the students at intervals by hand at the time of admission or during Personal Contact Programme (PCP).
2. Modules are independent of each other and self-contained. They may be sent in any order, not necessarily serially. Student should study each of the modules as soon as he/ she receives the same and makes good use of the reading list given at the end of each lesson.
  PCPs will be organized to provide the students an opportunity of interaction with leading experts in the subject who will give counselling and advice rather than classroom lectures. The PCP in theoritical papers will be organised in one or two phases for a duration of 10 days (for one phase) or 6 days each for two phases. On each day of PCP there will be 4 classes, each consisting of one and half hour and each counsellor will normally take a maximum number of two classes on each day. PCP will normally be held in Winter Recess and Summer Recess or on the dates to be notified by the DDE and Study Centres. Attendance at PCP is compulsory. Each student will be expected to attend 60% of the PCP. Exemption may be sought on medical grounds alone supported by a valid certificate submitted before the end of the programme.
  PCP for Practical papers will be conducted in DDE Laboratories, Postgraduate Science Laboratories of the University or the Laboratories identified by the Directorate for this purpose. Programme will be conducted continuously during Winter Recess / Summer Recess or on a staggered basis during the notified dates depending upon the availability of venues and laboratory facilities, A batch of Students with a minimum strength of 30 will get 45 hours for a practical classes of 100 marks. Practical Classes will be held in one or two phases with a duration of 6 hours per day for 15 days (one phase) for two papers (each of 100 marks), for 12 days for two papers, each of 75 marks and 10 days for two papers, each of 50 marks. Each student will be required to attend normally a minimum of 75% of Practical Classes. Detailed schedule will be intimated to the students in due time.

M.A. / M.Com. : Modules will be available in Bengali alone for Bengali, History and Political Science with Rural -Administration and English alone for Commerce with Farm Management and English.

2. M.Sc. Course : Modules will be in English only.
The Personal Contact Programme (PCP) may be conducted in either language as decided upon by the counsellors.
Netaji Subhas Open University
Women's College, Calcutta is one of the Study Centres of Netaji Subhas Open University. The students from this college and other colleges get opportunity to study here in Post Graduate level and to acquire Master Degree in different subjects. There are some Diploma and Certificate courses also, by which the students may choose their career.
Students may take admission to the following courses :
Sl. Name of the Course Eligibility Duration
1. MA. in English, Bengali,History, Pol. Sc., Education, Public Adminstration, Social Work (MSW), English Language Teaching (ELT) At least 3 Years Graduate 2 Years
2. M. Sc. in Mathematics At least 3 Years Graduate with Maths 2 Years
3. M.com At least 3 Years Graduate 2 Years
4. Master Degree in Library & Information Science (MLIS) BLIS Degree 1 Years
5. Certificate Courses
Human Rights
Broadcast Journalism
10+2 Graduate 6 months (max. 2 years)
6. Diploma Course
Consumer Affairs
Graduate 1 Years (max. 3 years)
7. Bachelor
Preparatory Programme
Non H.S 6 months

Degree - BLIS

Graduate 1 Years (max. 3 years)
9. Post Graduate Diploma Courses
Journalism and Mass Communication
Public Relations & Advertising
Graduate 1 Years (max. 3 years)